Someone who has never belonged anywhere seeks comfort in nostalgia. This website is the result!

I'm an energetic old person who's seeking to make most of a life I didn't want!

I hope you enjoy your stay. I'll try to figure out a way to add a guestbook or a special email address to make new friends. My goal for 2021 is to join a nice webcircle or club.

Why "katachi"? Why "Aquarium of Delusion"?



Still tweaking stuff and updating pages. Starting to feel self conscious about the way it looks, but that's so typical of me I'm not even fazed by the feeling. Excited to premiere the art section with a doll I made yesterday in a manic frenzy after years of absolutely no dollmaking LOL.


Basic structure of the site is done for now, I think. Still gotta sort some pages out. Sleepyyyyy and drunk on a little bit of wine left over from 1.4.